An Overview To Packaging Design.

Artist- Vishwajeet Patil

Insta- @unruffledarts

  1. The packaging design for Nevia face wash is appealing and attractive to the target audience. It could communicate the brand’s message and product benefits clearly.
  2. The package design include’s the brand logo prominently and feature a product image or illustration that showcases the product’s key features. Used colors that are consistent with the brand’s visual identity and evoke the desired emotion.
  3. The packaging is practical and easy to use, with clear instructions and information about the product. The size and shape of the package is appropriate for the product and its intended use.
  4. Overall, the packaging design is eye-catching, informative, and functional, while also reinforcing the brand’s identity and message.

The Design Solely Is a Specimen for Packaging Design and all the branding credits to be featured to Nivea.

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