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Artist- Vishwajeet Patil

Insta- @unruffledarts

“Go, Get Education”

If you have no knowledge, have no education,

And you yearn not for the same,

You posses intellect but work not on the same,

How then can you be called a human being?

Birds, animals, monkeys, human beings too,

All go through life and death

But if you gain no knowledge about this,

How then can you be called a human being?


“Dharma is more important than any divine boon” – Lord Rama. (Ayodhya Kand, Sarga 20) – This highlights the Ramayana’s central theme of upholding duty and righteousness above personal desires.


“Even your pity is like a blast of wind and the words you speak would strip a tree of its blossoms” – Sita to Hanuman. (Sundara Kand, Sarga 36) – This beautifully expresses Sita’s longing for Rama and the pain of separation.

Courage And Sacrifice:

“I will conquer Lanka or give up my life trying” – Hanuman. (Sundara Kand, Sarga 5) – This showcases Hanuman’s unwavering determination and dedication to Rama’s mission.

“Do not let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. You are the only one who can decide your destiny.”

-Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj

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